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Be gentle with your lashes; no rubbing.
Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. 
No eye makeup for 24 hours
Gently wash your lashes daily with recommended lash cleanser

Do not sleep on your face
Use a lash conditioner daily to nourish the natural lashes

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To keep your lashes clean and healthy, follow the below aftercare between fills.

  • First 24 hours do not get your lashes wet – meaning no swimming, hot yoga or excessive sweating.

  • Wash your lashes DAILY using our lash shampoo. First rinsing your lashes with warm water, use a pump full of shampoo per eye, using the lash cleansing brush wash along the lash line. In circular motions wash above and below the eyes, follow the lashes down and rinse your lashes.

  • Always wash your lashes after you wash your face or hair, this ensures that all products are removed off the lash extensions.

  • Do not pick or pull the lash extensions.

  • Brush your lash extensions into place regularly

  • If you are in contact with chlorine or salt water, cleanse the lashes afterwards.

  • Be mindful of the products used while having lash extensions. Oil free products are recommended.

  • Advise your lash artist of any changes in medications and or health.

  • Seasonal allergies can affect lash extensions, if you suffer with season allergies we recommend removing and reapplying when the seasons change. This is because watering of the eyes, use of eyedrops and itchy eyes can create poor retention.

  • Crying can cause poor retention, if you are a crier or have watery eyes we do not recommend lash extensions. In the case you do cry, cleanse your lash extensions.

  • Be mindful of sleeping positions, avoid sleeping on your face or sides.

  • Prebook your lash appointments 2-3 weeks apart to keep your lash line full and healthy.

  • Our natural lashes do shed regularly, please be aware that your lash extensions will grow out with the natural lash causing the lash extensions to twist and turn, these will be removed at your fill, do not remove, pick, or pull it off.



Avoid getting the brow area wet for 48 hours.
Avoid contact with direct sunlight, tanning beds for 48 hours
Avoid saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs for 48 hours.
Avoid rubbing and touching your brows.
Style with your fav brow soap.
Use a brow conditioner daily to keep the brows nourished.

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