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 Tattooing in todays culture has a bit of a different meaning to the general public but there are some who still in todays time see the ritualistic healing it can do for them. Even if they are aware of it or not. Have you ever had a tattoo session and there was an instant connection with the artist and maybe even some emotions came up or seemed to be healed during or after your session? If your answer is yes, then you have had some sort of sacred experience with that tattoo. Not everyone is looking for this kind of tattooing but in my experience in tattooing over the years it seems there are more and more of these experiences. 


I myself have had many sessions like this, I was not fully aware of what was going on at the time of these sessions I just I knew when I needed it and I always left my tattoo appointment feeling more empowered afterwards. Having such a life changing experience with the power of tattooing and the release it brought to me,  I knew that with the growth in my own spiritual journey, my love for art and helping others find the release in their own personal journey, I am here to give back to the community of people interested in this art.

My background in yoga, meditation and the deep spirit connection has allowed me to bring forward intuitive tattooing and put a new spin on how we view tattooing. All of my work is done in partnership with the divine feminine. I specialize in ornamental, spiritual, floral and feminine pieces.

If you are interested in booking your tattoo experience, email your ideas to

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